Wisdom Teeth

From somewhere deep within, comes a fountain of things to say.

The Digital Coliseum

A piece that attempts to compel people to be influencers, rather than social media whores.

A Letter, Two Years Late.

A fictional love letter written from a modern day Gatsby to his modern day Daisy Fay. Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, that epic tale of a man so drunk on excess that he cannot see what is right in front of him.

Into the Black.

An extremely short stream of consciousness story written in the Surreal style about a crew lost at sea in a merciless storm. Inspired by Nietzsche, the Perfect Storm and one of the chilling paintings of JMW Turner.

A Culturally Debased Rant.

An article against the war-mongering nature of the West, written as a comparison with Homer’s Iliad.

Nihilism (Or as I like to call it, Science)

I hope I wish we weren’t alone in the universe islands floating on an infinite sea living on floating islands in infinity. Life as we know it, an awful lot of taking what we don’t know and steering around it. Us mortal folk know a lot about how much we know of infinity. Divide existence…