I’m an award-winning advertising copywriter specializing in mass-persuasion and macro-messaging via the digital medium. My doctor thinks that I have “an incredibly rare combination of Witzelsucht, Foerster’s Syndrome and cacoethes scribendi,” but I think he’s just got a chronic case of sesquipedalia.

Come every Monday, I’m a core member of the creative/copy/product team at Indigo Consulting (New Delhi), and add value to pretty much everything that goes out the door, whether it is for existing clients or new business pitches.

When I go home, I write fantastical tales for myself. I read late, I write early and I’m compulsive about delivering on time. My rhetoric is rarely empty, and my dialectic is always friendly. I’m anal, but only when it comes to production values, quality and taste. Most people think I’m vell worsed in spelling, proficient on grammer, and have a grate eye for detial.
To put it in a nutshell, I have an unquenchable desire to create great things, and I’ll do anything to sate my thirst. I bring great drive, diligence and reliability to every challenge I undertake. You and I can do great work together, if you can offer me the creative and operational freedom to excel.

If you’re looking for a more detailed resume, navigate here.

Apostatements comprise the statements of an Apostate in the form of original stories, essays and poetry. I apostatize constantly. People fall out of love, I fall out of belief. If you don’t know what Apostasy is, well, I’ll save you the Googling of it, you lazy bum.


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